Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Agora USA: Superior Sample Sourcing at Competitive Prices
Agora USA is the premier online panel for sample sourcing!  Whether your needs center on large scale sample for quantitative studies, or participant recruiting for qualitative research anywhere in the country, Agora USA represents the next generation online panel solution.  We invite you to send us a bid request to learn how to enhance the quality of your data at costs that are highly competitive with other sample providers.
As career market researchers, the principals of Accelerant Research grappled for many years with the trade-off between lower cost sample providers and true quality data collection.  In order to remain competitive without sacrificing the quality of the data we collected for our full-service clients, we set our sights on building and engaging our own proprietary online panel.  This endeavor began a few years ago, and now Agora USA represents approximately 250,000 households nationwide. 
At its core, respondent apathy is the root cause of poor quality quantitative data, and that outcome is produced by widespread panel building processes including: 
  • Attracting “professional survey takers” that go through the motions of completing surveys but fail to read and understand the nature of the questions posed and the ratings they provide.
  • “Low-ball” incenting of respondents to the extent that they barely get paid anything for their time and effort which forces them to minimize the attention they pay to each survey.
While at first, Agora USA was only used for our own full-service client projects, we now offer it to the entire market research industry including other research firms to partner with us in satisfying their sample sourcing needs. 
To be clear, our claim of higher quality data is based largely on the manner in which our panel members are recruited.  We have taken painstaking measures to avoid the professional survey taker.  Moreover, we pay respondents and participants CASH because we know that motivates them to be more thoughtful in providing their opinions.  In fact, 100% of the expense of incentives goes to respondents and not to webmasters or other third parties as so many other sample providers do.
In head-to-head comparisons with other sample sources, Agora USA respondents:

Are 38% more verbose in open-ended responses

Spend 39% longer carefully completing the same surveys


Are 6x less likely to be eliminated from a survey due to speeding through the questions

Are half as likely to terminate due to other quality control reasons

To experience the enhanced quality of better data without the expense of higher costs, go to to submit your own request for a bid on a study.  We will be happy to accommodate your needs and you’ll be happier you did.  That is our ultimate promise!