Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BlogNog Rolls Out Enhanced Tools for Online Qualitative Ad Testing and Concept Development

Accelerant Research's online qualitative platform, BlogNog, was conceived and developed to enhance the quality of data relative to traditional, F2F focus groups and IDIs. Shifting methods from focus group facilities to the Internet not only creates certain advantages regarding the overall quality of the research, but also reduces the time needed to conduct a study, and significantly drives down costs. Simply put, BlogNog was designed by qualitative researchers to help other qualitative researchers apply the principles of qualitative research that came forth from traditional methodologies to an online setting, while reaping the benefits provided by its technology. And now BlogNog has a set of new features that make this reality even better.

As qualitative research consultants or client-side qualitative research end-users, we’ve all tested print stimuli (product concept descriptions, print ads, webpage design mock-ups, etc.) in focus groups or in-depth interviews. When exposing these “hard-copy” stimuli, it is common to have participants take a pen and mark up their page, highlighting words or images that they either like or dislike, and taking notes about why they liked or disliked these elements.

With its enhanced Image and Text Tracking functions, BlogNog is able to facilitate those same activities in an online setting, allowing participants to virtually mark up a given stimulus by highlighting meaningful words, phrases, or images. These marked-up stimuli can be seen for each individual participant, and in aggregate, in the form of a cumulative heat map that summarizes the group’s collective impressions. These Image and Text Tracking functions in BlogNog mirror the hand-tallying that so many of us have done on scratch pads in the backroom of focus group facilities. The result is an improved data collection process that yields eye-catching output, and the activity itself is fun and engaging for respondents, too.

Below is a series of screenshots of these activities within BlogNog. These types of exercises can be easily included in any BlogNog study for any type of visual stimulus. For more information about these or any features of BlogNog, or to set up a live BlogNog demo to see these and other features in action, please visit http://www.blognogresearch.com/ or feel free to reach out to us directly at info@accelerantresearch.com or (866) 683-7407.

Text Tracking Example (Individual Participant's Output):

Text Tracking Example (Heat Map Summary Across Participants):

Image Tracking Example (Individual Participant's Output):

Image Tracking Example (Heat Map Summary Across Participants):