Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Accelerant Research offers in-person and online qualitative research services

NATIONWIDE CONSUMER/B2B PANEL & RECRUITING:  AccelerantResearch has a large, ever-expanding nationwide panel of research participants, who have been empaneled and vetted specifically for the purpose of participating in qualitative research studies (both online and traditional, face-to-face studies).  We offer competitive rates for recruiting, and our recruiters are trained in the art of finding articulate, qualified research participants.  Also, for any recruitment that we conduct, we offer the use of our BlogNog online qualitative platform free of charge.

BLOGNOG QUALITATIVE PLATFORM:  We have developed BlogNog (, the industry’s most powerful online platform for conducting qualitative research studies.  We offer services with BlogNog that range from completely do-it-yourself all the way up to full-service (and anywhere in-between).  For DIY usage, you’ll find that BlogNog is the most cost effective platform available, with usage tiers that range from FREE up to a maximum of only $249 for a single project, and an unlimited annual subscription for $999.

FOCUS GROUP FACILITY:  As career researchers, we learned how the best facilities around the country operate.  So, we modeled our own Charlotte, North Carolina facility accordingly and designed it in a way that optimizes the experience for the moderator, the participants, and the observers.  We have state-of-the-art technology that includes free video streaming.  Additionally, Charlotte is a great market for getting a representative picture of the US as a whole, with all walks-of-life well represented, as well as one of the nation’s busiest airports that allows for easy travel in and out of the city.  For more information about our facility, please visit