Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lackluster Reception for Super Bowl 50’s Most Anticipated Advertisers

Actual execution by many of Super Bowl 50’s most anticipated advertisers fell well short of consumer expectations, according to a recent survey conducted by Accelerant Research.  When surveyed the week prior to Super Bowl 50, 46% of Americans planning to watch the game expected to be highly entertained by Budweiser advertising; however, after the game, only 29% of viewers found that to be the case.  Other big brands that fell short this year were Amazon, (17 percentage point decline from pre to post Super Bowl), Coca-Cola (17 point drop), Bud Light (13 point drop), and Snickers (11 point drop). Among the advertisers with the highest expectations, Doritos, was the only brand to meet pregame expectations.

Three advertisers were able to significantly improve low pregame expectations.  They included Marmot (6 point increase), Hyundai (6 point increase), and Buick (6 point increase).

Beyond the individual advertisers, after the game, consumers were less enthusiastic about Super Bowl 50’s advertising, in general.  Prior to the game, 28% of consumers reported that they expected the commercials to be their favorite part of this year’s game, while only 19% did so after the game.

Using its proprietary Agora USA consumer insights panel, Accelerant Research conducted the Pre Super Bowl survey online during the week prior to Super Bowl 50 among a demographically representative sample of 909 Americans who planned to watch Super Bowl 50. The Post Super Bowl survey was conducted online among a demographically identical sample of 540 Americans on the Monday after Super Bowl 50.

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