Monday, December 11, 2017

Excellence in Qualitative Recruitment: It’s in our DNA

Recruitment of qualified research participants requires a complex set of skills and abilities, but providing excellence in this service is simple:  start with great people and train them well.  Because that is our approach to everything at Accelerant Research, when we began offering recruitment services to the research industry, hiring and teaching our recruiters properly was already in our DNA.  So we did that the way we do everything else.

Hiring and training are two areas taken very seriously at Accelerant Research.  In many cases, our new-hires are those at the early stage in their career as professional researchers.  After they have completed their undergraduate or graduate program requirements, they intern at the firm as trainees.  And it is only those in whom we see talent and motivation that we invite to stay on in full-time capacities.

Training Well-Rounded Researchers
Written manuals represent only a small fragment of the training our staff receives.  To begin, all our staff, regardless of their background and experience, are trained to be problem solvers, first and foremost, and this level of worldliness is utilized as an invaluable resource by all clients.  Furthermore, all new staff rotate through recruitment and study-related positions.  As a result of this combined set of experiences, recruiters learn firsthand exactly what is entailed in full service project work, and research staff develop an intuitive understanding of what is entailed in recruiting study participants.  These perspectives are passed on to our clients that find working with us is easy.

The Outcome: Serving our Customers Better
As a result, whenever you are dealing with anyone on our recruiting team, you are dealing with a researcher, one who has served as a team member of a group that manages full service studies.  Getting a complete picture of the research study process enables our researchers to better serve our recruiting clients as they are trained to and tasked with immersing themselves in the study objectives and have the ability to weigh-in and offer ideas and plans for conducting the research.  Moreover, our staff recruiters know how to effectively communicate to recruited participants whether the study method is in-person, online, or over the phone.

High Quality Participants
We invite you to request a cost estimate from us.  Immediately, you will get the sense of dealing with professionals.  If you choose us as your recruiting partner, you will see the difference in quality of our recruitment.  For example, across hundreds of studies for which we have recruited thousands of participants for our clients, we have a 95% show rate.  That means, we always deliver what the client hires us to do for them.  But best of all, our clients find that our recruits are well managed and come to the study ready to opine.  They are verbal and articulate, which does not happen by magic, but rather the way we screen for verbosity.

We know what counts most for our clients when it comes to recruiting participants.  While our fees are competitive, it is our quality that is sort by new and old clients.  The last thing the moderator wants to worry about is that participants do not show up, are lost, have forgotten the study details, or are shy and quiet.  We know all this because of how we have all made our careers as researchers, able to empathize with clients on what is needed.

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