Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pop-Up Focus Groups…A Tasty Solution Akin to Pop-Up Restaurants

The food and beverage industry is cooking up more events than ever before and the fastest growing trend these days is the pop-up dining experience.  Similarly, in market research, Pop-Up Focus Groups are all the rage these days as qualitative research professionals and their clients want to shift the venue for data collection out of the traditional focus group facility and conduct the research in alternative forums.

Sometimes, a study’s objectives warrant conducting qualitative research in secondary markets, where no (decent) focus group facilities exist.  Other times, it simply may be more appropriate to hold groups in other sites, perhaps to stimulate more participant creativity, or for some other important reason.

While these studies can be doubly more challenging than facility-based research in terms of the required logistics, we urge you to rely on our unique Pop-Up Focus Group services to handle all logistical/setup elements that will make your project a success.

Moderators have enough to do.  We know that.  We want moderators to allow us to sweat all the logistical details in terms of technology, equipment, set-ups, shipments, and supplies.  We want moderators to focus on their work…that is, question guide development, leading groups, and managing their own clients.

Accelerant Research Pop-Up Focus Groups is the solution you need for these study occasions, and we have proven, bullet-proof protocols and processes that you can rely on, study after study.  As such, we invite you to send us a bid request and we’ll be happy to describe our services in great detail to reassure you that you will be in good hands with us on the road.

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