Monday, May 7, 2018

Farm-to-Table Freshness in Qual Recruiting

According to Wikipedia, farm-to-table is a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer. Moreover, farm-to-table often incorporates a form of food traceability (celebrated as "knowing where your food comes from") where the origin of the food is identified to consumers.

To achieve the highest quality in recruiting participants for market research studies, Accelerant Research has adopted a parallel program of farm-to-table in its recruiting practices. Doing so has proven to be the single most important ingredient in our success, resulting in continued growth in the amount of recruiting projects we are asked to provide for our clients.

For us, it begins with our nationwide panel of consumers, amassed through several years of rigorous vetting and pruning to cast out the “professional survey takers” and keep only those who are articulate and have substantive knowledge on a given subject of study. Those that we catch “cheating the system” by trying to game a screener, or otherwise attempt to deceive our recruiters are deleted from our database. Conversely, those that are genuine, who show up on time at designated sites, and truly participate, are recognized as “elite participants” that are used (after a timeout period) for special clients on special projects.

Another important ingredient in our farm-to-table recipe for qual recruiting include the meticulous scrutiny we bring to bear on our clients’ screeners. In the spirit of farm-to-table quality in our recruiting services, we carefully vet screeners to ensure they provide operational definitions of the target population members to be recruited. This way, clients get exactly what they ordered and
recruiting projects run smoothly without surprises

At Accelerant Research, our team of recruiters are well trained to be sensitive to these conditions of lying and faking, and require all potential participants to provide anecdotes and even artifacts (photos, etc.) to validate their usage of or experience with the study topic. We pay close attention to their “stories” and probe them to clarify or expand their answers. In the end, we provide quality recruits that are both qualified and articulate.

We invite you to request a cost estimate from us as a first step. Simply give us a call (704-206-8500) or send us an email ( If we are granted the opportunity to work with you, we are confident that the quality of recruiting service you receive will be a marked improvement.

Good luck and safe travels.