Thursday, March 5, 2009

February 2009 Triangle News

Who among us couldn't use a little less clutter? This month, we introduce the Research Knowledge Center - a directory of weblinks for those employed or intrigued by the Marketing Research field. Our hope is you can bookmark this one site so you won't have to bookmark all of the sites linked within.

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Feb 28 is National Tooth Fairy Day (disputed)
Is National Tooth Fairy Day Feb 28, May 4, or even Aug 22? The debate rages on.

Apparently, the source of the controversy stems from the part of the world in which you reside. Or, perhaps dentists are colluding to build awareness and stay top-of-mind. Conspiracy theorists, the truth is out there.Until we find further documentation, feel free to celebrate on any or all of them!

Have you thought about your tracker lately?
Even though tracking studies are considered by many organizations to be one of the most important research programs to conduct, they may be wasting a lot of your research budget that could otherwise be spent in more fruitful endeavors.

Tracking studies typically represent the largest portion of an organization's research budget, but sometimes they fall victim to a condition of "status quo"...Read more

Charlotte's Positive Indicators
While the economic forecast for our nation appears chilly and overcast, there are signs to
suggest Charlotte may be weathering this period better than others.

Population continues to grow. Charlotte continues to lead the nation with in-migration of young, educated workers.

Charlotte continues to have the fourth strongest housing market in the nation. 2008 saw more than 11,000 new residential units added.

There is a 3 month supply of vacant new homes in Charlotte compared to an 11 month supply nationally.

Cost of living in Charlotte continues to be nearly 6 percent below the national average.

In 2008, 1,337 businesses added 12,165 new jobs and invested over $2.3 billion in a record 27.6 million square feet of new facilities.

For more, visit the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce at:

Networking and Professional Development
We encourage everyone to be active with your local chapter of the American Marketing Association, the CAMA chapter for those of you in the Charlotte area. The chapter's mission is to promote education and assist in personal and professional development of marketing professionals. We hope to see you at the next networking event:Social Media Marketing - Rethinking Traditional MarketingSpeaker: Ron Edelen, Myjive Wednesday, March 11th McIntosh's Steak & Seafood at 1812 South Blvd5:30pm - 8:30pmTo learn more about this event as well as the benefits of membership, please visit CAMA online at:

We look forward to hearing from you and serving your research needs. Our mission is to help companies grow their brands and strengthen customer ties, faster.
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