Friday, April 2, 2010

Accelerant Research Webcast: American Dinner Process Ethnography Results

Last week at the ARF's Re:think 2010 conference, Accelerant Research President, Paul Rubenstein presented findings from a recent online ethnography (or BlogNography) of the dinner processes of American Families.  The study served as both an interesting look into family dynamics, as well as a testing ground for the types of insights that can be collected via online qualitative methods.  The findings from this study are presented in the following videos. Note: if you have difficulty viewing YouTube videos for any reason (e.g., corporate firewall restrictions), there is an alternative video player version below as well.

Part 1 of 3: 'What's for Dinner' Ethnography Webcast

Part 2 of 3: 'What's for Dinner' Ethnography Webcast

Part 3 of 3: 'What's for Dinner' Ethnography Webcast

As a YouTube Alternative, click on the player below: