Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Accelerant Research Rolls Out BlogNog™ Version 2.0

Several new features are included in the second generation of the BlogNog™ online qualitative research platform.

CHARLOTTE, NC October 20, 2010 – From its original design in 2008, BlogNog™ was built to facilitate even the most in-depth qualitative marketing research studies. BlogNog™ was conceived by career research professionals (not IT specialists whose background is in programming online quantitative surveys) whose goal was to improve upon the deficiencies of existing bulletin board platforms by optimizing the experience of respondents, client observers, and most importantly, qualitative research professionals who have to moderate the group of respondents, analyze the data, and write a report on study findings. In essence, the goal of designing BlogNog™ was to optimally leverage the social media phenomenon and make things as easy as possible for the moderator and respondents.

Users have come to consider BlogNog™ to be:
  • Far more engaging than bulletin board formats
  • Immersive like ethnographies should be
  • Longitudinal like ethnographies aspire to be
  • State-of-the-art in its design and functions
  • Simple in uploading question guide content with rich text formatting without requiring HTML programming knowledge
  • Intuitive for participants and observers
  • Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn in its use
  • Powerful with virtually unlimited capacity
  • Flexible to provide custom solutions to atypical project needs
  • Entirely anonymous and amenable to highly sensitive topics
  • Parallel to traditional, F2F methods in many ways
  • Exempt from the need for technical support
  • Convenient
  • Fast loading
  • Able to provide complete transcripts automatically
  • Sharply lower cost
  • Transparently priced
  • Green
  • Fun for respondents from consumer and B2B populations

With the release of BlogNog™ V 2.0, a leap-frog in technology has made BlogNog™ far more advanced than any other online platform in the market! Its newest features include:
  • Shopper Insights™ mobile capabilities for Mystery Shopping and Shop-Alongs
  • (Q3)™ to link qualitative and quantitative phases of integrated research plans
  • Multilingual capability for use among different cultures and consumer segments, globally
  • Multi-dimensional respondent grouping function for drill-down analysis
  • Participant Wall™ analysis for end-to-end view of individual respondent data
  • Custom Branding for placement of client organization name, logo, color(s)
  • Dial-testing, drag-n-drop sorting, image/text tracking, perception mapping, collage building, and custom flash programming
Last, Accelerant Research continues to offer full services for study design prescriptions, participant recruitment (phone, online, in-person) and incentive fulfillment, and a wide variety of qualitative research techniques including projective testing.

For additional information, you can download a brief description of BlogNog™ and some of its potential applications in our brochure at or contact us directly at or dial 704-206-8500 to schedule a BlogNog™ test drive.

About Accelerant Research:
Accelerant Research is a full-service marketing research and consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, NC, which specializes in customer loyalty, product development, customer satisfaction measurement, modeling, tracking, online qualitative research, omnibus research, and brand analytics.


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