Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BlogNog Offered Free of Charge: Online platform for qualitative research FREE for students and faculty

CHARLOTTE, NC February 9, 2011 – Accelerant Research is offering the use of its proprietary online qualitative research platform – BlogNog – free of charge to students and faculty for academic-related purposes.

Due to factors that include the explosion in social media usage, the widespread penetration of broadband connectivity and the advent of digital technology, the ability of researchers to shift methods from face-to-face to online is a reality for conducting qualitative research, nowadays. In so doing, important benefits such as enhanced quality of data, lower study costs and faster delivery of results can be obtained.

In view of these compelling benefits of conducting qualitative research online that are gained by organizations and research professionals, the partners at Accelerant Research (Paul Rubenstein and Bill McDowell) have decided to contribute to the forces at work to drive this “research methodology shift.”

Specifically, Accelerant Research is making BlogNog available to any student or faculty member for free when they need to conduct qualitative research for project coursework, journal publication, thesis, or dissertation.

“Let’s face it, research professionals all begin as students,” explained Dr. Paul Rubenstein, President of Accelerant Research. “We were all there once, and usually had scant budgetary resources available to us to fund our work. Therefore, we want to make BlogNog available to students so that they may learn about and embrace this technology and freely explore the possibilities and potential it represents.”

“Likewise, we offer it free of charge to faculty to facilitate their students’ adoption of online qualitative research methods and to enhance their own class agendas for the benefit of their students and school program. In the end, we will be gratified if students add these capabilities to their skill set during their preparation as career research professionals and be honored when they do so.”

For additional information about BlogNog, you can visit, email, or dial 866-683-7407.

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