Friday, July 8, 2011

BlogNog Qualitative Research Platform FREE to Non-Profit Organizations

CHARLOTTE, NC July 8, 2011 – After the strong response to February’s announcement offering the use of its proprietary online qualitative research platform – BlogNog – free of charge for academic-related purposes, Accelerant Research has decided to extend this free usage offer to non-profit organizations as well.

Specifically, Accelerant Research is making BlogNog available at no cost for employees of non-profits and any consultants or agencies conducting qualitative research in support of a non-profit organization.

As Dr. Paul Rubenstein, President of Accelerant Research, puts it, “non-profits often have the same primary research needs as major corporations, but are typically unable to fulfill these needs due to budgetary constraints. Accelerant Research wants to allow these organizations to benefit from the rich insights that can only be gathered via qualitative research methods. Doing so allows non-profits to make more informed business decisions and put their limited resources to better use.”

Dr. Rubenstein continues, “due to factors that include the growth in social media usage, the widespread penetration of broadband connectivity, and the advent of digital technology, the luxury of shifting methods from face-to-face to online is a reality for conducting qualitative research, nowadays. In so doing, important benefits such as enhanced quality of data, lower study costs and faster delivery of results can be obtained. In spite of these lower costs, many non-profits simply cannot afford to undertake qualitative research initiatives. At Accelerant Research, we hope that by offering a free facility for these organizations to conduct qualitative research, we will help to narrow the intelligence gathering gap that currently exists between the haves and the have-nots (i.e., non-profits and academics), advancing our own market/human resources research industry in the process.”

For additional information about BlogNog, you can visit, email, or dial 866-683-7407.

About Accelerant Research:
Accelerant Research is a full-service marketing research and consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, NC, which specializes in customer loyalty, product development, customer satisfaction measurement, modeling, tracking, online qualitative research, omnibus research, and brand analytics.

Media Contact:
Paul Rubenstein, Ph.D.
Accelerant Research