Wednesday, April 4, 2012

University of Georgia Masters in Marketing Research Students’ Experience With BlogNog for Online Qualitative Research

This past winter, Accelerant Research had the opportunity and privilege to provide BlogNog, our proprietary platform for conducting online qualitative research, to the students of the Masters in Marketing Research (MMR) program at the University of Georgia. We were initially contacted by Dr. Richard Fox of the faculty in the MMR program who served as the study supervisor. He had learned that Accelerant Research makes BlogNog available free of charge to students and faculty for academic-related purposes, and sought access to the online platform and our recommendations on study design and content.

In a conversation with Dr. Fox, he remarked about how easy BlogNog was to use, both in terms of moderating the groups, and in the analysis that took place after all data were collected. But what he and his students noticed about the study was that it produced a lot of data that was high quality in that people seemed to be willing to disclose information that could be considered sensitive and deep. He went on to say “this was a real market research study that we did for an organization with real objectives, participants, data, and a comprehensive report of findings. The folks at Accelerant Research generously offered their time, their experience, and free access to BlogNog and the MMR program is greatly appreciative.”

At Accelerant Research, we simply want to put in the hands of students the tools and techniques that will distinguish them in the labor market after they graduate and begin their job searches. To that end, we are committed to always providing free use of BlogNog to the academic world. Moreover, we are happy to come to campus and serve as guest lecturers on the subject of qualitative research in general, and on the viability of the online method.