Thursday, May 10, 2012

BlogNog Online Qualitative Research: Announcing the Launch of Version 3.0

From its original design in 2008, BlogNog was built to facilitate the most in-depth qualitative marketing and human resources (HR) research studies. BlogNog V2.0 and its offspring encompassed several advanced technologies to make BlogNog the most comprehensive software platform in the industry, able to accommodate key functions such as:
  • Dial testing
  • Image tracking
  • Text Tracking
  • MobileQual
  • Story Telling
  • Collage Building
  • Perception Mapping
  • Sorting
  • Probing, Filtering
  • Tagging
  • Multi-lingual
  • Custom Branding
We have spent that last year developing BlogNog V3.0 and finally it is here! The improvements that were made are vast and represent a distinct embrace of the global social media phenomenon. Unlike bulletin board layouts that are very much like their name, BlogNog interactions remind users of other sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Ease, intuitiveness, and fun are experienced by everyone involved – moderators, participants, and observers.

In addition, we have programmed BlogNog V3.0 with greater control by enabling moderators to place all types of questions anywhere within the study, providing public and private probing capabilities, and, if desired, control over when participants can see subsequent questions.

BlogNog is the brainchild of Accelerant Research, the only true full-service research firm to have developed its own platform to use for its own clients or to lend to other researchers for their own study needs. Our commitment to enhancing BlogNog is still as strong as when we began and we will remain dedicated to integrating new technologies into its long-term growth and sophistication.

As always, Accelerant Research will continue to offer the use of BlogNog free of charge to any students and faculty for academic-related purposes. We are happy to provide them a demonstration, training, study-related materials, project design recommendations, and all the special features and functions of the entire platform. Feel free to visit the site at and download a brief description of BlogNog in our brochure, contact us directly at, or dial 866-683-7407 to schedule a BlogNog test drive.