Thursday, December 6, 2012

Online Qualitative Overcomes Challenge of Conducting Research During the Holidays

Eggnog Season is soon upon us…but BlogNog Season is already here!  Now that we are in fourth quarter, the double witching hour in market research shows itself.  This is the season of the year when research budgets face the “use it or lose it” practices of many organizations at the same period when general consumers are most pressed for time.  Clients want to do focus groups, but between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, most people are busier than they are during the rest of the year.

We have found that using BlogNog for qualitative research, at this time of year, lends itself well to the needs of both clients and participants:  clients can do their studies, and participants can leverage the convenience of spending their time when they have it to login, fulfill their responsibilities, and pick up a few extra bucks in the process that is appreciated during the holiday shopping season.

BlogNog is an online qualitative platform that has a very familiar look and feel for anyone who has ever used social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  In fact, BlogNog is based on the same programming language as these well known social media sites.

BlogNog leverages today’s social networking culture to have in-depth interactions with respondents, either in a one-on-one conversation stream or in one-to-many discussion forums. 

Designed by research professionals for research professionals, its format simulates traditional, F2F qualitative methods while engaging respondents at a deeper level than bulletin boards or chat-room research.  BlogNog also provides enhanced geographic reach, fast feedback and results, and no travel costs or scheduling challenges.  Most importantly, the data collected are usually of higher quality relative to F2F methods, as people tend to disclose information at a greater depth than during in-person discussion with a group of strangers.

With the release of BlogNog V 4.0 this year, a leap-frog in technology has made BlogNog far more advanced and cost-effective than any other online platform on the market.  Scheduled to be released at the start of 2013, BlogNog is also going DIY!  It has been designed to enable qualitative research professionals to access the site, choose the tier of service needed and associated cost, and execute their study on their own as the BlogNog Support Team remains available for whatever support is needed.  Look for our announcement of this next year when BlogNog DIY is launched!  The changes about to be implemented will be game changing to the online qualitative research industry as costs for service will be radically reduced and ease of use is greatly enhanced.

In addition to the DIY implementation, we have also been busy developing new advanced technologies and upgrading the ones that have been in place.
These functions include:

  • Newly improved Dial-Testing with better calibration, data collection and graphical output, and enhanced participant usability
  • Mobile Shopper InsightsTM for Mystery Shopping and Shop-Alongs using smart phones
  • Image/Text tracking
  • Drag-and-drop sorting
  • Ranking
  • Choose-One
  • Polling/Quant Surveying
  • Collage Building
  • Story Telling
  • Perception Mapping
  • (Q3) to link qualitative and quantitative phases of integrated research plans
  • Multilingual capability for use among different cultures and consumer segments, globally
  • Multi-dimensional grouping function for drill-down analysis
  • Participant Wall analysis for end-to-end view of an individual’s inputted data
  • Custom Branding for placement of client organization name, logo, color scheme 
We at Accelerant Research are career researchers and have developed our own proprietary platform that we use for our full-service clients.  As such, we fully understand the principles of performing qualitative research and appreciate the keys to successful research studies.  If you are relatively new to using the online method for qualitative studies, we can help you and provide you the level of support you need to ensure your BlogNog studies are always successful.

It’s the end of the year!  Consider the opportunities afforded by new technologies in qualitative research.  You can drive down study costs, reduce cycle time, and enhance the quality of these studies.  So, enjoy some BlogNog this holiday season before eggnog season hits.  Give us a call at 866-683-7407 (or email at info@accelerantresearchcom) to discuss the possibilities and see a demonstration of BlogNog – the ultimate qualitative research platform designed by researchers for researchers.