Friday, February 1, 2013

The First Free Platform for Online Qualitative Research

BlogNog introduces game-changing pricing model for conducting qualitative research online

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA February 1, 2013 – AccelerantResearch, a full-service marketing research and consulting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina - and creators of the popular online qualitative research platform - has released a new pricing model for do-it-yourself use of BlogNog, which is dramatically lower than other online platforms and includes the research industry’s first free facility for conducting in-depth do-it-yourself qualitative research studies.
In an effort to meet the widely varied needs of qualitative researchers and their end-user clients, BlogNog is now being offered at the following pricing tiers:
  • DIY FREE: With the DIY Free service tier, users have the ability to conduct robust, in-depth qualitative research studies at no charge.  This service tier does have restrictions on number of research participants and access to some of BlogNog’s advanced tools, but for rich qualitative data collection among a small group of participants, this is a great option.  The DIY Free plan, along with all BlogNog service tiers, places no limits on the duration of a user’s research project.
  • DIY PREMIUM ($49 Per Project): If a larger number of research participants or increased functionality such as participant filtering and virtual backroom conversations are needed, then the DIY Premium service tier is available for less than $50 per project.
  • DIY ULTIMATE ($249 Per Project): The DIY Ultimate service tier allows users to customize branding of their projects and offers access to BlogNog’s expanded suite of participant exercises, including mobile capabilities, white space projective exercises, image/text tracking heatmaps, and video analysis tools.
  • DIY STUDENT (FREE): As always, when used for academic purposes, students can access all the functionality of a DIY Ultimate BlogNog project at no charge.
  • DIY UNLIMITED ($999 Per Year): For less than most other DIY qualitative research platforms charge for a single project, BlogNog’s DIY Unlimited tier allows a user to conduct an unlimited number of research projects over the course of one year, with all the functionality of the DIY Ultimate tier.
  • FULL SERVICE: BlogNog was developed by career researchers whose extensive expertise is available to manage any or all aspects of a given research project, if desired.
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About Accelerant Research:
Accelerant Research is a full-service marketing research and consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  Its core capabilities include customer loyalty, product development, customer satisfaction measurement, modeling, tracking, ad testing, brand equity, and online qualitative research.

Media Contact:
Paul Rubenstein, Ph.D.
Accelerant Research