Thursday, October 10, 2013

Live Text Chat Now Available in BlogNog

In response to our clients’ demand and as part of our efforts to continuously enhance our already best-in-class online qualitative research platform, BlogNog now has the capability to conduct live text chats on any Ultimate, Unlimited, or Full Service project.

Most BlogNog studies are conducted strictly asynchronously, that is, moderator and participants are not conversing in real-time but in a more convenient back-and-forth manner that is similar to an ongoing Facebook conversation.  However, we recognize that some research objectives call for live interaction between moderator and participant(s), and we now offer functionality to facilitate those live conversations.  With our new chat function, users have the ability to conduct a study either asynchronously or in real-time, or to toggle between the two as needed over the course of a given study.
For more information about our new chat functionality or any of BlogNog’s features, please visit or contact us at