Thursday, February 8, 2018

Research Methodology Spotlight: Unboxing IDIs

There is a fascinating phenomenon in the world of social media that consumers can’t get enough of, called “unboxing videos.”  The premise is simple…a consumer video records herself opening a new product providing commentary and reactions while experiencing the product for the first time.  Being the social scientists that we are, and borrowing from this real-world trend, Accelerant Research has adapted these interactions into an effective qualitative research methodology called Unboxing In-Depth Interviews.  Product category users are recruited to share the same experiences to document their reactions and opinions, but do so in a more structured, moderator-led discussion.


The exact objectives and method for conducting Unboxing IDIs can vary based on product category and other factors, and these interviews can be administered in a variety of ways:

  • Real-time webcam-based interviews, with client observers watching a live, secure webstream feed.
  • Asynchronous, where participants share their unboxing videos immediately upon product receipt, and moderator provides probing and follow-up questions afterward.
  • In-person interviews in a focus group facility, retail store, or other controlled environment venue.

We invite you to reach out to us for more information about this simple but amazing Unboxing IDI methodology.  Simply give us a call (704-206-8500) or send us an email (  With our support and guidance in participant recruiting, technology/logistics management, and even moderating/full-service support, Accelerant Research can provide you with similarly successful and impactful insights.