Monday, February 5, 2018

When it Comes to Recruiting Contractors…We’re Pros

With booming new home construction, real estate, and remodeling markets in the US, the need for research and insights among builders and contractors is ever-expanding, but this sector of B2B research can be particularly challenging to find qualified, articulate research participants who will show up and fulfill their research obligation.  Accelerant Research has the largest, most robust panel of pros in the industry, and our recruiting process is designed to deliver quality, articulate participants for your research.

Tapping into our pro panel, we can supply both recruits for qualitative research as well as sample for quantitative research.  We invite you to reach out to us the next time you need to conduct research among contractors.  Simply give us a call (704-206-8500) or send us an email (, and experience the difference provided by AccelerantResearch.