Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Biggest Surprises and Disappointments Among Super Bowl Advertisers

CHARLOTTE, NC February 4, 2015 – Actual execution by many of this year’s most anticipated Super Bowl advertisers fell far short of consumer expectations, with Doritos proving to be the biggest disappointment, according to a study by Accelerant Research.  When surveyed in the week prior to Super Bowl XLIX, 60% of those planning to watch the Super Bowl expected to be highly entertained by Doritos advertising during the game; however after the game, only 36% of viewers found that to be the case.  Other big brands who fell short this year were Coca-Cola (52% pre Super Bowl, 29% post), Snickers (45% pre Super Bowl, 33% post), Bud Light (41% pre Super Bowl, 31% post), and Pepsi (41% pre Super Bowl, 27% post).
Among the advertisers with the highest pregame expectations, only Budweiser, with its homerun ‘Lost Dog’ spot, was able to score equally strong afterward (48% for both pre and post).

The only advertisers to significantly exceed pregame expectations were Loctite (6% pre Super Bowl, 15% post) and Esurance (9% pre Super Bowl, 16% post).  Although both brands were pleasant surprises, their expectations prior to the game were among the lowest.

Accelerant Research conducted the Pre Super Bowl survey online during the week prior to Super Bowl XLIX among a demographically representative sample of 452 Americans 18 years of age or older.  The Post Super Bowl survey was conducted online among a demographically identical sample of 591 consumers on the Monday after Super Bowl XLIX.

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